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The Citizens United U.S. Supreme Court Case significantly changed the nature of political campaigns and campaign spending. Enormous amounts of money are being spent on political campaigns. (In the special election for Florida's 13th Congressional District in March, 2014 a combined total of $12 million was raised from political and outside groups for the Republican and Democratic candidates.)

The Super PACs, the negative ads, the influx of rich, powerful donors, and shadowy "non-profit" organizations that do not disclose their donors are other results. This has led to voter distrust and frustration. What lies ahead? And what, if anything, can be done to reverse this trend?

Join us for an in depth look at the nature of campaign finance, explore how the recent changes in campaign finance laws have affected elections, discuss what we may expect this election year. Guest speaker Chantell Taylor is an attorney with extensive experience in campaign finance and political law. She also advises non-profits on lobbying and political activities.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014
6:30 - 8:45 p.m.
Koelbel Public Library
Room A
5955 S. Holly St.
Centennial, CO 80121

Free and open to the public. Cosponsored by the League of Women Voters of Arapahoe County and the Arapahoe Library District.